This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Importing records with higher ID numbers than those currently issued by system

When uploading records for transactional data and those records have higher ID numbers than currently are present in the system, you must adjust the nextId counter on the HPD:CFG Ticket Num Generator form to avoid encountering the following BMC Action Request System error: "ARERR 382 - Unique Index violations".


A system administrator is using the Data Management Transactional_Incident.xlsx spreadsheet to import several hundred incident tickests to a freshly installed BMC Remedy ITSM system. The incident request IDs of the imported records start at 1 and number sequentially to 500 (that is, INC000000000001, INC000000000002, INC000000000003, INC000000000004, and so on).

After the import completes successfully and the system is ready for production, the end users begin creating new incident requests. Because this is a new BMC Remedy ITSM system, the system assigns the following ID number to the first newly created incident request: INC000000000001. As soon as the end user tries to save the new request, the AR System issues the following error message, because the user is creating a record with an ID number that is assigned to another record:

"ARERR 382 - Unique Index violations"
=== The value(s) for this entry violate a unique index that has been defined for this form : schema: HPD:Help Desk, entry: INC000000000206, 2 unique index(es), field(s): 1000000161 179 (ARERR 382) ===

To prevent this from happening, the system administrator could take the following steps:

  1. Before performing the import, the system administrator determines the range of Incident IDs that are being imported through Data Management.
  2. On the newly installed system, the system administrator updates the nextId counter of the HPD:CFG Ticket Num Generator form to a value higher than the highest ID number in the import. In this example, the highest ID number was 500, so the system administrator could update the nextId counter to 1001. By leaving a large gap between the two numbers, the system administrator ensures that there is no overlap among the incident requests numbers.
  3. The system administrator restarts the AR System servers.

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