This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring resolution settings for incident management templates

The values in the Resolutions tab are used to add information to the Resolution tab on the Incident form. Typically, you use this tab only when creating templates for incidents that can be resolved when they are recorded. For example, this might be used for frequently asked questions, such as how to change your password.


The resolution details can remind support staff of the steps to resolve an issue. For example, the details could list all the places to check for a paper jam on a printer.

To configure resolution settings

  1. On the Incident Template form, click the Resolution tab.
  2. Set the resolution details as follows:
    1. In the Resolution field, type the steps that resolve the incident.
    2. From the Resolution Method list, select On-Site Support, Service Desk assisted, Self-Service, or Remote Control.
    3. Select the appropriate incident cause, for example, Application Error.
  3. Select the appropriate values from the Resolution Product Categorization Selection lists. The values that you select here determine the available selections for the resolution categorization selection. The product categorization indicates the category of product.
  4. Select the appropriate values for the Resolution Categorization Selection fields. This categorization uses up to three standard menus to indicate the steps to resolve the incident. This is more specific than the resolution method, but might be less detailed than the Resolution field.
  5. Click Save.
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