This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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CLOB fields

This topic provides a list of Character Large Object (CLOB) fields available with Oracle database:

View Namentext Fields
FieldCategoryField Name
Asset ManagementAsset - BIOS ElementBIOS Characteristics
Asset - Dsik DriveCapabilities
Asset - LAN End PointAlias Addresses
Asset Contract - LeaseTerms
Asset Contract - MaintainanceTerms
Asset Contract - MasterTerms
Asset Contract - SoftwareTerms
Asset Contract - SupportTerms
Asset Contract - WarrantyTerms
Purchase RequisitionJustification
Work DetailsNotes
CMDBCMDB- CI DetailsNotes
CMDB - Cpmputer SystemCapability List
CMDB - ProductInstall Location
KnowledgeArticle DetailsKeyword
Article Update RequestsRequest Details
Work OrderWork DetailsNotes
Work Order DetailsNotes
Service Request ManagementDefinition Work DetailsNotes
QuestionsConverted Resposne 1
QuestionsConverted Resposne 2
QuestionsConverted Resposne 3
QuestionsConverted Resposne 4
QuestionsConverted Resposne 5
QuestionsConverted Resposne 6
QuestionsConverted Resposne 7
QuestionsConverted Resposne 8
QuestionsConverted Resposne 9
QuestionsConverted Resposne 10
Request SurveyComment 1
Request SurveyComment 2
Request SurveyComment 3
Request SurveyComment 4
Service Request Details Details
SRD DetailsSRD Description
SRD DetailsInstructions
Service Level ManagementContractTerms
ContractSupplier Organization Menu
Service TargetExclude
Service TargetStart When
Service TargetStop When
Service TargetTerms And Conditions
Known ErrorKnown Error detailsNotes
Known Error detailsResolution
Known Error detailsWorkaround
Work detailsNotes
ProblemProblem DetailsNotes
Problem DetailsResolution 
Problem DetailsWorkaround
Work DetailsNotes
ChangeWork DetailsNotes
Incident Incident DetailsResolution
TaskDate and TimeTime Segment Action

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