This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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BMC Remedy Single Sign-On double authentication

Starting with Service Pack 1 for version 9.1.00, if BMC Remedy Single-Sign On (RSSO) is installed and configured for BMC Remedy AR System, the BMC RSSO authentication screen is displayed when approving requests.

With double authentication, if the approval process is configured to require a password to complete, users need to re-enter their user credentials to approve, reject or hold a request. When the user clicks the Approve, Reject, or Hold button for a record from the Approval Central or from within the Approval table of the record, two dialog boxes are displayed: the credential sign in dialog box and the double authentication dialog box. Enter your credentials in the credentials sign in dialog box and click OK.

The approval is processed and both dialog boxes are closed and the approval status of the record is updated.


  • Your approval will not be processed if you close the authentication dialog box before entering your credentials in the sign in window.
  • If you click Cancel on the authentication dialog box, the Sign-In dialog box will continue to be displayed. You must manually close this dialog box.
  • If you click Reopen on the authentication dialog box, even if a Sign-In dialog box is open, a new Sign-In dialog box is opened. Click Reopen only if you closed the authentication dialog box.

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