This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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BMC Remedy ITSM data access model

BMC Remedy ITSM provides a rich set of features that protect your data from unauthorized access. Keeping information secure can be a major undertaking in client/server environments. You want to rigorously control who can access data, yet you do not want security to be so complex that it intrudes on your user community or is difficult for you to implement or maintain. BMC Remedy ITSM enables you to meet these seemingly opposing security goals. It enables you to control which users can access data. 

  • Support group centric ticket data access — Ticket data access is managed based on individuals (for example, submitter, on behalf of, and assignee) and support groups associated with a ticket.  This restricts ticket access to only those users who are directly connected to a ticket or to a support group associated with a ticket. For more information, see Row level security.
  • Hierarchical groups — This feature is based on the hierarchical group feature in BMC Remedy AR System and allows you to create collector groups that are parents of other groups. The parent group can access its own ticket data and the ticket data of its child groups. You can extend the ticket data access to higher groups using hierarchical groups. For more information, see  Hierarchical groups: Using a parent group for permission inheritance

Data access permissions

BMC Remedy ITSM applications use two types of data. Permissions to access each data type differ.

Data typeRequired access permissions
Configuration DataAccess to this data is set at company level which means the data is accessible to everyone in a company.
Transactional (Ticket) data

Each ticket is treated as a row in BMC Remedy ITSM. Access to this data can be of the following types:

  • Unrestricted: Users with the BMC Remedy ITSM Unrestricted Access role have access to all ticket data.
  • Row-level: Ticket data is accessible to the following users:
    • User who submits a ticket
    • User who is assigned a ticket
    • Owner group who owns the ticket
    • A member of a support group associated with a ticket
    • A member of a group that is the parent of a support group associated with a ticket.

For more information about ticket data access and parent groups, see Row-level security and Hierarchical groups: Using a parent group for permission inheritance.



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