This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Spot KPI report

Follow the steps given below to create a Spot KPI report:

  1. Click the Create link and select the report to begin building your report.
  2. On the Initialization page, select the drag and drop builder as the builder type.
  3. Select the required value for View. 
  4. On the Data step of the builder, add the metric field to be monitored by the KPI to the report:
    1. Drag the Invoiced Amount field into the Columns list.
    2. Drag the Invoiced Date field into the Filters list to make sure that the data is restricted for each refresh. 
  5. Click the Settings link to set up the filter.
  6. Click the Define Value option and select the required value from the Pre-Defined Period option.
  7. Click Submit
  8. Navigate to the Output step to configure the KPI options:
    1. Click the Output option on the main navigation bar.
    2. Click the KPI menu.
  9. Enable the KPI Functionality option to display the components required for the KPI:
    1. Set the required KPI Type.
    2. Set the required KPI Metric.
    3. Set the required value for Desired Trend.
    4. Set the required Target Type and Target.
  10. Set the values for Conditional Formatting Alerts displayed to the left of the KPIs on the Dashboard:
    1. Click on the Setup section to open the available settings.
      You can either define alerts using the icons or use the Cell or Text options to display a block of color rather than an image.
    2. Set the required value for the Style and Ticks options.
    3. Define the required value for Type to compare the value in the cell to the alert values to check the rule.
    4. Click on the Alerts section to open the alert rules list to define the following conditions:
      1. Less than 12000000
      2. Between 12000000 and 15000000
      3. Greater than 15000000
  11. Click the Refresh section to open the scheduling area; then open the KPI menu.
    1. Set the required Refresh Settings to be updated.
    2. Set the required value for Schedule.
    3. Close the KPI menu.
  12. Click Report > Save through the main navigation bar of the Output step.
  13. Enter the required name for the KPI report.
  14. Enter the required description in the Description field.
  15. Set the required values for Category and Sub Category.
  16. Click Activate.

You can now add the KPI report to the KPI Dashboard Tab. For more information, see KPI Tabs.

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