This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Report builder - Related reports step

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting has the capability to set up relationships between multiple fields, and multiple reports, in order to provide layers of interaction and analysis that the user can manipulate.

No DrillThis option allows you to create reports based on objects of hierarchical objects.
Drill DownThis option allows you to enable a hierarchy built in the view. You will be able to move up and down the implemented hierarchies within the one report.

See Drill down reports for more information.

Drill AnywhereLike Drill Down, Drill Anywhere allows the user to move through levels of detail within a single report. The difference here is that the hierarchy, or path, is built by the user during the drill process, rather than the administrator during the view building stage.

See Drill Anywhere reports for more information.

Drill ThroughThis option allows you to create links between summary and detail reports, passing values from the parent report to the filters of the child report.

See Drill Through Reports for more information.

Co-DisplayThis option allows you to display supporting reports on a main report, passing filter values from the master through to the child.

See Co-display reports for more information.


See Drill capability on charts for more information on how to use drills on charts.

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