This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Logging in to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

Before you begin, you must install BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. For more information, see  Installing BMC Remedy Smart Reporting


By default, an administrator user is created during the installation process. This user has access to all the required functions, including administration and reporting.

Logging in to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for the first time 

Follow the steps given below to login to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting:

  1. Go to the entry page for the installation of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting within your web browser.
    This is usually at: http://<Your BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Server>:<port>/SmartReporting, where, the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting server is the server name where you have installed BMC Remedy Smart Reporting and port is the port number that you have added during installation. For example, http://localhost:8080.

  2. Enter the following details:

    • Username: siadmin
    • Password: siadmin
  3. Click Login.
    You are now logged in to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.
  4. On the Welcome page, update your password and provide the required details for your user account.
    Click Save Personal Settings.
  5. Click Show me my Dashboard to proceed to the Dashboard page of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.
    The Dashboard page is displayed. 

User Profile details on the Welcome page

 On the Welcome page, enter the required information for the available options.

User Details

Using these settings, you can customize and personalize the user profile for other users to view.



Profile Image

Upload an image file to use as your profile. This will be displayed on your timeline and next to your posts or comments.

The image will be displayed as 250px by 250px. During the upload process, you will be able to define a section of the image to use.

First Name

Enter your first name.

Last Name

Enter your last name.


Enter your email address that will be used for broadcasts and email notifications.


Using these settings, you can update the password.


This option is only available to users with the appropriate role permissions as defined by an administrator.



Current Password

Enter your current password that will be used to log in to the system.

New Password

Enter the new password.

Repeat New Password

Re-enter the new password.

Your Profile

Use these settings to set your profile.



Job Title

Define your Job Title, for display on your user timeline. 

This field is optional.


Add a description of yourself, displayed on your user timeline.

This field is optional.


Use these settings to select tags relevant to you.




Select tags applied to content in the system that are relevant to you. The content will be suggested to you based on these selections.

This field is optional.

Welcome - Get Started

Once you have completed filling the details, the Getting Started page is displayed, which directs you to either a Tour Storyboard (specified by their role permissions) or your dashboard.

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