This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Generating a standard report

Use the following procedure to generate a standard report without qualifications. To generate a report with qualifications, see one of the following topics:

To generate a report without qualifications

  1. In the navigation pane on the application console, choose Functions > Reports.
  2. On the Reporting console, select one of the options under Show:
    • All Reports, which displays all available reports
    • Created by me, which displays reports that you created
  3. Under Category, select applicationName > reportCategory > reportName.
    A list of available reports is displayed. Reports are organized by category, some of which contain subcategories. The reports that you see vary according to which applications are installed.
  4. Select the report that you want to run.
  5. Click Run.
    If you select a report that requires additional parameters, you are prompted to enter the required parameters. For example, if the selected report requires a date range, the date range field appears.
  6. Enter the required parameters, and click OK.
  7. If the report displayed is a web report, you can specify the following additional options:

    Toggle Table of Contents 

    Display the table of contents for the current report

    Export Report 

    Export the report to a file of the specified format 
    To export the report, select the appropriate page options, and click OK. The following formats are available under the Export Format list:

    • Excel
    • PostScript
    • PDF
    • Word
    • PowerPoint

    Print Report 

    Print the report to HTML or PDF format

Using the web based reporting console to create and run adhoc reports (video)


Although the concepts and procedures presented in this video are correct, the user interfaces shown are not current.

Related topics

For more information on creating reports, see Creating reports the BMC Remedy AR System server documentation.


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