This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Designing the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting dashboard

Dashboards are designed to visually display Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to allow quick and clear examination of actual performance. A typical dashboard is designed with high level reports that can drill down to more detail when required. BMC Remedy Smart Reporting's dashboard allows you to display all key reports on a single page, using tabs to organise by subject and type. The tab feature also allows you to search your public repository for enabled reports and add them to a selected tab, or grant access to pre-built public tabs.

The following image displays the main features of the dashboard:

No.Menu itemDescription
1Menulinks you to additional reporting functions such as Create Report, Report List, Discussion.
2User Info provides the name of the current user, as well as a link to access their preferences.

used to receive distributed reports, reports to be approved, and comments.

4Searchallows you to search reports across your repository.
5Tabsnavigate between various pages on your dashboard.
6Sub tabsthese are groupings of reports within the main dashboard tab.
7Favouriteslists your favourite reports to the right of the dashboard display area.
8Draft Reportsprovides access to recently edited draft reports.
9Recently Access Reports

lists the most recently viewed reports in a session.

10Unitsavailable when unit selection is present on the dashboard.

Available when unit selection is present on the Dashboard.

Note: In the out-of-the-box or custom dashboards, if the default start or end time is set to 00.00.00 in the Submit Date filter, dashboards display errors. As a workaround, you must update the start or end time in the Submit Date filter.

For example, your incident submit date and time is 02/10/2017 00.00.00. In the Submit Date filter of the Incident Dashboard, instead of entering the submit time as 00.00.00, you may enter 02/09/2017 11:59:00. The start or end time could be anything other than 00.00.00.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting allows you create tabs that allow you have a consolidated view of related reports or related Key Performance Indicators (KPI) allowing users to perform a quick and clear system performance examination. A typical dashboard is designed with high level reports that can drill down to more details when required.  

In addition to reports you can also add:

  • Associated reports — that can be added as links instead of adding the complete report on the tab. Associated reports are generally detailed reports that provide additional and supporting information related to the tab content. However, they are too granular or complex for use on a dashboard.
  • Sub tabs — that allow you to split the content of a tab across multiple layouts, while still sharing the same set of filters.

For details about the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting dashboard, see Finding your way around the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting dashboard.


  • Do not modify out-of-the-box dashboards provided with BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. However, if you choose to modify a dashboard, ensure that you first create and save a copy of it.
  • Add only those reports to the dashboard that are relevant to the use cases. The dashboard loads all reports every time you view it, which can impact performance.


View a quick video on designing a dashboard using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

View a quick example of designing a dashboard using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

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