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Cost of Incident Handling calculations

To calculate the information displayed in the graphs, the ROI flashboard uses data gathered from the user (by way of the flashboard interface), as well as data from the configured parameters.

The formulas used by these calculations are described in the following table.

The values used in the formulas are:

  • A = Cost (per hour)
  • B = Baseline Effort (in hours)


    Although the user can enter a date range that includes a day of the month, the day of the month is ignored and only the month and the year are considered. For the purposes of the system calculations, Start Date is always assumed to be the first day of the selected month and year, and the End Date is always assumed to be the last day of the selected month and year. For example, if the user entered May 21, 2009, as the Start Date, and July 10, 2009, as the End date, the system uses May 1, 2009, as the start date and July 31, 2009, as an end date.

  • D = Estimated Requests (number of)

  • F = Effort Estimate (in hours)
  • G = The actual number of incident requests that were closed during the date range specified by the user (calculated by the system)
  • H = Cumulative effort of all the people who worked on incident requests during the date range specified by the user (calculated by the system)


For the date range specified by the user, four incident requests were marked closed. Three of them each took one person one hour to handle (3 incident requests x 1 person each x 1 hour, or a total of 3 hours), and one of them took two people each two hours to handle (1 incident request x 2 people x 2 hours each, or a total of 4 hours). H = 3 + 4, or 7.

Cost of Incident Handling flashboard calculations

Flashboard graphs


Baseline cost of incident handling (ProjCstIH)A x B x D = ProjCstCH

Actual cost of incident handling (ActCstIH)

The formula used to calculate the actual cost of incident handling depends on the parameter that you select in Effort Input.

Specify Effort Estimate

A x F x G = ActCstCH

Use Baseline Effort

A x B x G = ActCstCH

Calculate Cumulative Effort

A x G x H = ActCstCH

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