This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Change management approval process

Steps for Change Management approval process are as follows:
  1. In the Approval Process Configuration form, select Process Designer approval phase for change application.
  2. Mark all OOTB approval phases for change management as offline.
  3. Create PD Change Approval process.
  4. Create Mapping PD Change Approval process on Process Mapping Form
  5. Create Change Request with mapping. The PD process gets mapped.
  6. Approval task is displayed under Task tab
  7. The Approval task has the status as Assigned.
  8. Update the Change Request status to Planning in Progress.


    Approval action is triggered only when Change Request status is Planning in Progress.

  9. Approval task is closed after Change Request status is changed to Approved through Approval Central.

Best Practices for Change Management Approvals

  • Guidelines on Auto Transitioning Change Request: When the Change Request is created from Process Designer Task Action, by default it gets created in Request for Authorization.

    The Standard Change Process is as follows:

    Draft > Request For Authorization > Request For Change > Planning In Progress > Scheduled For Review > Scheduled For Approval > Scheduled > Implementation In Progress > Completed > Closed
    In all cases, Change Manager or Change Coordinator is not expected (apart from approvals) to manually intervene when the Change Request is required in the process. It is recommended to create custom Change Process Flow as follows: 
    Draft > Request For Authorization > Planning In Progress > Scheduled > Implementation In Progress > Completed > Closed
  • You can then attach this flow to your change request template (For example CLM Change Template) as shown in the following image:

  • If a Change Approval is required, it is recommended to configure the approval as shown in the following example for CLM - Change Approval Configuration:
  • You must set the Process Designer Process to Schedule status of the Change Request. When the Process Designer process is complete, the status of the Change Request automatically turns to Complete.

For more information on change management best practices, see Approval action with Change Management

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