This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Modifying notification message text

The message text for predefined notifications is stored in the SYS:Notification Messages form. Each message is uniquely identified by the combination of Notification Message Tag and Locale.

You can modify the content of the fields listed in the following table:



Email Subject Line

Contains the text included in the subject line of an email notification.

Email Message Body

Contains the text included in the body of an email notification.


Controls whether notifications are sent:

  • Offline: Notifications not sent.
  • Enabled: Notifications are sent.

Define other settings as needed (for example, Proposed).

You can used field variables in the notification message text fields by enclosing them in #. They are translated by workflow. Using field variables in notification messages other than the default text requires customization to create the corresponding translation workflow.

You can configure the notification text for different companies by creating a new record with the same Message tag and selecting the Company from the menu.


You should not modify the fields within the Mapping section of this form. The notification system uses these mappings to identify what message to send, how to send the message, and when it should send it. Your changes can break the workflow.

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