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Loading a parent group through Unified Data Management and Onboarding Wizard

The hierarchical group structure allows you to easily organize larger groups in hierarchical order. If a group must have access to data belonging to different groups, assigning a parent group can simplify permission management. While importing companies and support groups by using the Unified Data Management (UDM) and Onboarding Wizard, you can load a parent group for a company or a support group. You can use the standard UDM and Onboarding wizard spreadsheets to specify a parent group and fix the errors corresponding to a parent group through the Error Management console.

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Specifying a parent group through spreadsheets 

The Company and Support Group spreadsheets for UDM and Onboarding Wizard include the Parent Company, Parent Support Organization, Parent Support Group fields.

A data administrator can perform the following actions:

  • Create a company or a support group and define a parent group for a company or a support group
  • Update the parent group for a company or a support group

Considerations when loading a parent group on the Onboarding wizard

While validating the records through Data Visualizer, you can select a parent group for a company or a support group on the Onboarding wizard for the COM:LoadCompany and CTM:LoadSupportGroup forms:

  • Set Parent Group Type: Select a parent group type to indicate if a parent group is a company or a support group. The Parent Group Name list displays the values based on the parent group type.
  • Parent Group Name: Select the parent group name. This field lists the names of companies or support groups based on the parent group type selected from the  Set Parent Group Type list.
  • Set Parent as Blank: Select this check box to remove parent group.  


 The step 1 and step 4 of onboarding wizard phase 1 display the fields listed below:

  • Set Parent Group Type
  • Parent Group Name
  • Set Parent as Blank

Fixing parent group-related errors on the Error Management console

The Error Management console allows you to fix the records that have errors relevant to a parent company, parent support group, or a parent support organization. Update the following form fields to fix the errors:



  • Parent Company


  • Parent Company
  • Parent Support Organization
  • Parent Support Group


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