This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Importing content by using a stand-alone utility

Use the content import stand-alone utility to import content for applications that experienced installation failures in which content could not be pushed to the SmartReporting_Contents AR System form.


This utility is not supported for Service Pack 2 or later.

  1. Open the file located in the <AR_System_Install_Location>\ARSystem\SmartReporting\appserver\webapps\onboarding\WEB-INF\classes directory.
  2. Change the following entry:

    Change from

    log4j.rootCategory=ERROR, cons, applog

    Change to

    log4j.rootCategory=INFO, cons, applog

  3. Save the file.
  4. Run the Import Content stand-alone utility by running the following file:

    File name
    • (Microsoft Windows) ImportContentStandaloneTool.bat
    • (UNIX)
    File location
    • (For bundled Tomcat server) <AR_System_Install_Location>\ARSystem\SmartReporting\appserver\webapps\onboarding\WEB-INF\classes
    • (For external Tomcat server) <Tomcat_Install_Location>\webapps\onboarding\WEB-INF\classes

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