This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Defining CAI plug-in options for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management integration

When integrating BMC Change Management with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, you can configure the Command Automation Interface (CAI) to optimize performance. You can define and configure thread pools for specific commands. Thread pools for different commands are configured in the CAI:Commands form. For more information on the CAI:Commands form see, Defining command parameters.

Configuring thread pools defines dedicated CAI threads for use by the specific command. This ensures that requests from a command use only the dedicated threads, and performance of other command requests to the CAI is not affected.

To configure the CAI plug-in

  1. Select Application Administration > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Advanced Options > Command Automation Interface - PlugIn Registry.
  2. In the CAI Plug-in Registry window, click Add.
  3. In the CAI Outbound Application Config window, enter the following information and click Save:



    Pool #

    Select the pool number defined in the CAI:Commands form for the BMC Change Management integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.

    Number of threads

    Enter the number of CAI threads to be used to send change management events to BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. This value cannot exceed the total number of threads defined for the CAI plug-in.


    Select Yes to make the current pool the default pool.

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