This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Company types supported

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite supports different types of companies, described in the following table. You select a company type when you create a company.

BMC Remedy ITSM supports the following company types:

Company typeDescription


An external company for which you provide services

Generic contact

A company that you want to reference on the People form. A generic contact is used to track information about people for informational purposes. You cannot select a generic contact from within the BMC Remedy ITSM applications.

Operating company

An internal company or business unit for which you provide services. In a Hub and Spoke environment, companies that are resident on a spoke server and receive IT Management support from a Service Provider on the hub server must be defined as an Operating company.

Service Provider company

A company that is contracted to provide IT management services to Operating companies. In a Hub and Spoke environment, a Service Provider company resides on the hub server and provides IT management services to the Operating companies on the spoke servers.

Supplier company

A third-party supplier of products


A company that manufactures a product identified in the Product Catalog.
Important: People cannot be associated to a Manufacturer type of company.


A third-party vendor that provides services for you

You can associate support groups (and relate people to those support groups) only for the following company types:

  • Customer
  • Operating company
  • Service Provider company
  • Vendor 

Only users who are members of support groups can access core BMC Remedy ITSM forms, such as the Incident, Change, Problem, and Asset forms. Even for users who are members of a support group, there are certain exceptions based on the company type. For example, a user who is a member of a vendor company cannot create a change or release, but can be assigned to work on the change either as a change or release coordinator or as a change or release manager.

Customers who request support must belong to either a customer company or an operating company.

Companies can be more than one type. After the company has been created, you can add an additional company type by opening the Company form and selecting the additional company type. When you save your changes, the additional company type is appended to the existing company type.

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