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This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Operations Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.4 from the Product version picker.


As a system administrator, you use BMC Helix IT Operations Management container images to perform the deployment easily and quickly in your on-premises environment. BMC provisions the deployment artifacts, such as the container images and the deployment manager, on the BMC public cloud and through the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website. As a system administrator, you use these deployment artifacts to perform the deployment in your private cloud. You do not need to deploy platform and application components separately. You can deploy all the components at one time and obtain the licenses only for the applications that you want to use.

The advantages of using containers to deploy the product as compared to server-based architectures are as follows:

  • Reduces the cost of deployment and management
  • Consumes fewer resources and containers are lightweight
  • Enables the use of Helix services on-premises when you cannot use a public cloud
  • Improves security by isolating applications from the host and other applications
  • Scales easily to meet the changing demands of your business
  • Provides better efficiency than virtual machines with fast start up and better performance


The BMC Helix IT Operations Management deployment documentation helps you to understand the deployment process and implement it.

Where do I begin?Getting started
How do I plan the deployment and understand the system requirements?Planning
Where do I find information on the deployment use cases?Deployment scenarios
How do I download the deployment manager, access the container images, and set up the database so that I am prepared for the deployment?Preparing for deployment
How do I perform the deployment?Deploying BMC Helix IT Operations Management
Where do I find information on resolving the deployment errors?Troubleshooting

Learn more

BMC recommends the person who is performing the BMC Helix IT Operations Management container-based deployment be proficient with how to use the following technologies:

  • Docker Commands Open link
  • Kubernetes Commands Open link

  • Postgres Administration Open link

  • Open Distro for Elasticsearch Administration Open link

  • Kafka Administration Open link

  • Redis Administration Open link

  • Victoria Metrics Administration Open link

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