This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Uploading attachments to a record definition by using the Multi Attachment component

BMC Helix Innovation Studio includes a Multi Attachment component, which is available in the Common Components section of the View designer. The Multi Attachment component is visible only if you deploy the Common Components bundle. 

Use this component to upload attachments to a record definition. You can upload all attachment types that are supported by BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

To add the Multi Attachment component to a view definition

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.
  2. Select the application for which you want to add a Multi Attachment component.
  3. On the Views tab, click the name of the view definition to which you want to add a Multi Attachment component.
  4. From Palette, drag the Multi Attachment component.
  5. In the Properties pane, click Settings , and then specify the properties as indicated in the following table:

    Display labelEnter a name that you want to display for the attachment.

    Base record definition nameSpecify a location where you want to store all your attachments.
    Attachment field nameSelect an attachment field.
    Qualification field 1Select a record definition name that is related to the attachment.
    Qualification field 2Select a specific record definition instance to add an attachment for a particular record.
    Related record definition nameSelect a related record definition.
    File status fieldSelect an option to display the status of the attached file.

    Referred type field

    Specify a field type when you have have multiple attachments for different entities in the same record. For example, you have an attachment for Location and an attachment for the General entity.

    Referred type

    Specify a Referred type to identify different types of attachment for the same record.

    ModeSelect a mode for creating or adding a new attachment, editing an existing attachment, or viewing the existing attachment.
    Record instance IdBuild a query to define the record instance ID.
    File typeDisplay a list of attachment types that are supported by BMC Helix Innovation Suite.
    File sizeSpecify the maximum file size you can attach.
    File countSpecify the maximum number of files you can attach.

  6. Click Save.


Result shows two attachments added to a record definition:

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