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Key concepts

Before you start building applications, you should understand the concepts related to the applications. This section provides information about understanding what is an application, difference between applications and libraries, application attributes, how to start with application development, and the recommended process to develop applications.


Review and understand BMC Helix Innovation Studio product features.

Get an insight into the anatomy and architecture of an application.

BMC Helix Innovation Suite overview

Anatomy of a Digital Service application

Digital Service application architecture

Understand different types application definitions that can be customized.Configurable definitions
Understand the object definition scope concept and learn how defining a scope can be used to limit the use of an application.Object definition scope
Learn about customization layer and the need to define a customization layer.Customization layer
Understand what a functional role is and how a functional role facilitates you to work on multiple applications without mapping the user groups with roles.Functional role

Understand the concept of connectors and learn how to integrate third-party systems with BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

Connectors overview
Understand the concept of approval library such as, approval processes and approval flows.Approvals
Understand different search capabilities for custom applicationsSearch capabilities for custom applications

Review the BMC Helix Innovation Studio licensing model.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio licensing model

Review BMC Helix Innovation Studio specific terminologies.

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