This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Defining a Boolean value for a field

BMC Helix Innovation Studio includes a Custom Boolean Field component, which is available in the Shared Components section of the View designer. The Custom Boolean Field component is visible only if you deploy the Shared Components bundle. 

Using this component define a Boolean value for a field. You can define custom values for the Boolean field.

To add the Custom Boolean Field component to a view definition

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.
  2. Select the application for which you want to add a Custom Boolean Field component.
  3. On the Views tab, click the name of the view definition to which you want to add a Custom Boolean Field component.
  4. From Palette, drag the Custom Boolean Field component.
  5. In the Properties pane, click Settings , and then specify the properties as indicated in the following table:

    Field name

    From the record definition, select a field name for which you want to set a Boolean value.

    The Field name lists all Boolean fields in the selected record definition. The Field name list is empty, if there are no Boolean fields in the record definition.

    Display labelEnter name for Custom Boolean Field.
    Editing Mode

    Select Editing Mode from the following options:

    • Switch
    • Checkbox
    ValueBuild a query to define the default value for Custom Boolean Field. The query returns 0 for a false value and 1 for a true value.
    DisabledTurn on the toggle key to disable the Custom Boolean Field at run time.
    HiddenTurn on the toggle key to hide Custom Boolean Field at run time.
    Available on Devices

    Select device type where Custom Boolean Field is displayed. Select from the following options:

    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • Tablet

    CSS classesDefine a CSS class at runtime.
    Display Label for true

    Enter label for the Boolean value true.

    The default Boolean value true is displayed if you keep the Display Label for true field empty.

    Display Label for false

    Enter label for the Boolean value false.

    The default Boolean value false is displayed if you keep the Display Label for false field empty.

  6. Click Save.


The following image shows a case with the following three custom Boolean fields:

  • Resolution Code Required
  • Resolution Description Required
  • Resolve Case on Last Task Completion

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