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Creating a document instance

After you define the schema for a document and create a document definition to access individual attributes within the metadata object and use these attributes in an expression within a process, you can create a document instance. A document instance is the data created by the application for which the structure is specified by the document definition. You can create a document instance by using the Create Document element in the Process designer.

For example, consider you define the following document to get the error details from a third-party application.


"error code": "",
"error message": "",
"Issue area":""

The following images show the document instances created for the document definition:

Before you begin

Ensure that you have created a document definition. For more information, see Defining a document schema.

To create a document instance

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio. 
  2. From the Workspace tab, navigate to the application for which you want to create a document instance. 
  3. Perform one of the following tasks:
    • If you want to create a new process and add the Create Document element to the process, select Processes > New
    • If you want to add the Create Document element to an existing process, click the Processes tab and select the name of process.
  4. From the Palette, drag the Create Document element on to the canvas as per the process requirements.

  5. In the Element Properties pane, enter the properties for the Create Document element, as described in the following table:

    LabelEnter a suitable name for the element.
    DescriptionEnter details about the element.
    Document Definition NameSelect the document definition that you want to use for this process.
    Add/Remove Document NodesSelect the attributes from the document definition you selected. For each node that you select, click Click to build an expression, and add the value for each node.
    Loop TypeSelect Parallel or or Sequential from the list. from the list.

    For information about Multi instance loop, see Creating process steps or activities.

  6. Click Save

The following image shows the element properties for the Create Document element:

Where to go from here



Access complex objects, array of objects, array of strings, and nested complex objects within the metadata object and use these objects as input or output to an expression within a process.Adding process variables
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