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Configuring cognitive service for custom applications by using your own IBM Watson services

BMC Helix Cognitive Automation is a licensed service that uses the IBM Watson machine learning capability. As an administrator, you can either use IBM Watson services activated by BMC or use your own IBM Watson services to configure and use BMC Helix Cognitive Automation for custom applications. You can use your own IBM Watson services only for auto-classification, chatbot, and tone analyzer services.  

For auto-classification, you can also use BMC Native (Google) classification service.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have completed the following tasks:

  • Purchased the appropriate IBM Watson services from IBM. 

  • You are aware of the region and API key of the IBM Watson services that you want to configure with BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

  • Purchased the appropriate cognitive service SKU from BMC.

To configure cognitive services

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Cognitive and chatbot > Cognitive service.
  3. Click Onboard services with own cognitive provider.

  4. From the Cognitive provider list, select IBM Watson.

  5. In the Select and configure service for onboarding section, select cognitive services that you want to configure, and enter the following details:

    Select the appropriate region (IBM Watson services data center) for the services that you want to provision.

    Make sure that all the cognitive service that you configure are in the same IBM Watson data center.

    When you use your own IBM Watson services, make sure that you set the region for all services closest to the following IBM Watson data centers:

    • Germany/Frankfurt
    • Sydney
    • United Kingdom/London
    • US East/Washington DC
    • US South/Dallas
    API Key

    Enter the IBM Watson service API key.

  6. Click Onboard

After you configure the services, all the required settings are successfully added in BMC Helix Innovation Studio.


If you want to update any of the configured cognitive service settings, select Cognitive and chatbot > Cognitive service from the Configure list, select the appropriate cognitive service, and update the required setting.

For the IBM Watson Assistant for Chatbot service, the chatbot configuration is created for BMC Chatbot, Helix ChatOps, and BMC ITOps Chatbot and the required workspace is uploaded in IBM Watson.

Where to go from here

Training and testing the cognitive service for a custom application

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