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Automating a task or a manual flow by using the Automation Anywhere connector

As an administrator or an application business analyst, you can use Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate any task or a manual flow within your application or business process by using the Automation Anywhere connector.  

The Automation Anywhere RPA provides the following capabilities:

  • Reduces operating costs by executing repetitive actions without human intervention. 
  • Requires minimal or no change to the underlying business processes.
  • Empowers the administrators or application business analysts to automate any process.

Before you begin

To use Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in your application, make sure you have completed the following tasks:

  • Purchased a valid Automation Anywhere RPA license. For more information, see  Automation Anywhere products Open link .
  • Purchased an Automation Anywhere connector license for using the connector in BMC Helix Integration Service.
  • Installed an Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control and Automation Anywhere Enterprise client on a Windows environment. For more information, see  Automation Anywhere installation Open link .

Scenario: Connecting to the Automation Anywhere connector

An end user initiates a conversation with the chatbot to request a password reset. This request is submitted to the IT Service Management application through the chatbot, and the application performs a series of actions. Resetting the password requires user intervention where if the user has to reset the password for multiple systems, then the user has to log in to each system and reset the password. 

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by Automation Anywhere automates almost any manual step that the users performs. The user can now interact with a single bot, and RPA performs the manual action of resetting the password on multiple systems.   

The chatbot triggers the RPA to invoke an action that executes these manual actions on Automation Anywhere. After the actions are executed, the webhook callback returns the notification that can be used to trigger specific rules or processes.

The following image illustrates the how the Automation Anywhere RPA process orchestrates the workflow between the end user and any application that is integrated with BMC Helix Integration Service:

Workflow to automate a task by using the Automation Anywhere connector

The following table explains the tasks required to automate with the Automation Anywhere connector:

1Configure the webhook callback URL to receive real-time event notifications.Configuring a webhook callback for Automation Anywhere connector

Configure the Automation Anywhere connector configuration and profile in BMC Helix Integration Service.

Adding the Automation Anywhere connector configuration
3Create new connector configurations and provide details about the connector configurations such as Name, Type, and Configuration.Adding connector configurations
4Create a process to trigger the Automation Anywhere RPA bot.Configuring Automation Anywhere connector in a business process

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