This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Setting up Foundation data for custom applications

Applications use Foundation data that consists of common data elements, such as people, organization, locations, categorizations, and geography, that can be used by multiple applications in an organization to satisfy different requirements. The Foundation data can be used to drive business processes and rules. 

For example, if you are using multiple applications, such as an onboarding application and a service desk application for your organization, you can use the people and location data elements in both of these applications for different purposes. You do not need to re-create this data multiple times.

As an administrator, you can use a common shared Foundation data structure of people, organization, location, categorization, and geography for all service management applications, such as BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Virtual Agent  built on BMC Helix Innovation Studio along with current BMC Helix ITSM applications, such as BMC Helix ITSM - Change Management. You can onboard Foundation data one at a time or load the data in bulk for all the service management applications. The common Foundation data provides the following benefits:

  • Creates a single data source for all the service management applications.
  • Eliminates the need to perform Foundation data sync from BMC Helix ITSM to BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications.
  • Eliminates the need to normalize application data.

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Learn about Foundation data model and data types.

Foundation data model Open link

Configure your organization's structural information such as country, geography, and site.

Creating and modifying companies and organization structures Open link

Create and modify product catalog data, information such as operational services to the operational catalog, and other information to the generic catalog for your applications.

Configuring product and operational catalogs Open link

Configure information for people in the BMC Helix Innovation Suite, including each person's company, organization, business and home addresses, desk location, support groups, and other information.

Creating or modifying People data Open link

Load your Foundation data.

Loading Foundation data by using Data Management Open link

Provide a person with access to one or more applications by creating and assigning a functional role to a person record.

  • Creating Functional roles
  • Assigning IS Personas to People data Open link
Select the required  BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications that the user can access and tailor. After you grant access to these applications, the user can log in to  BMC Helix Innovation Studio and can access and tailor only those applications. 

Granting access to BMC Helix Innovation Studio bundles Open link

Assign  BMC Helix Innovation Studio application licenses to users, so that the users can view and customize these applications. 

Granting IS application licenses Open link

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