This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Enabling access to reports within an application

Reports enable the users of an application to view and analyze the application data based on different criteria. For example, the user of an application views the application data to analyze the performance of all the teams, number of hours each team worked, number of issues each team resolved, and so on. By analyzing the application data, users can also identify the low and high performance points in the application and take necessary actions.

You can launch the Reporting dashboard from an BMC Helix Innovation Studio application. Application users can access their reports directly from the application UI. 

Before you begin

Ensure that the administrator has successfully onboarded the customers in BMC Helix ITSM: Smart Reporting. For more information, see Onboarding Open link .

To enable access to Reporting from an BMC Helix Innovation Studio application

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.
  2. Select the application from which you want to launch Reporting, and click Navigation
  3. From the Shell Navigation section, drag the Menu item element to the canvas.
  4. On the Properties tab, click  and enter the following information:
    1. In the Label field, enter an appropriate name for the menu item. For example, Reports.
    2. From the Action name list, select Navigate to Smart Reporting.
  5. Click Save.

To access Reporting from an BMC Helix Innovation Studio application

  1. Log in to the application in which you provided access to Reporting.
  2. On the navigation bar, look for the option to launch Reporting.
  3. Click the option to access reports.

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