This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Approving requests through email

BMC Helix Innovation Studio enables you to send an email notification to the approvers for every new approval request.


To receive email notifications to approve or reject the requests, ensure that the administrator has configured the approval notifications. For more information, see Creating approval notifications to notify approvers.

This email contains configurable details of the request, such as the Request ID, Request Date, Requester, Summary, and Details. The email also contains the following links:

  • Approve—To approve a request.
  • Reject—To reject a request. You must add a justification for rejecting the request in the reply email under the Please provide justification.
    This option is displayed only if you have selected a field from Justification Reason  when registering a record to store the reason an approver rejects a request.
  • Hold—To keep the request on hold.
  • Go to Approval Console—To view the details of the request and open the request in the Approval Console.

ApproveReject, and Hold buttons create an appropriate reply email that contains detail about the approval request along with an email address to which the email will be sent.


Ensure that you do not modify the contents of this email. You can verify the approval request details and send this reply email to complete the action.

If you click Reject, only then update the email content to add a justification reason for rejecting the request.

The following image shows an email notification that the approver receives for a new approval request:


A confirmation is sent to the approver after approving or rejecting the request. The following image shows an email notification with a confirmation message:

If an error occurs while approving or rejecting the request, the approver receives an email with the reason of the error. The following image shows an email notification when an approval response results in an error:

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