This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Adding variables to processes

While creating a process, you can add input and output variables to the process. The variables help you to define the current value of any part of a process. For example, in a process to create a record, you want to show the assignee of that record. For this, you add the Assignee Name variable to the process.

When you add a variable, you can also define the data type for that variable. Learn more about the variable data types in Process variables and data types.

To add a process variable

  1. In the Properties section, click Add/Remove Variables.
  2. In the Add/Remove Variables window, click Add Variable.
    The following image shows the Add/Remove Variables window:
  3. Enter the variable field details as described in the following table:

    Field NameDescription
    NameSpecify a suitable name for the variable.
    Variable IDSpecify an unique ID for the variable. This value must be numeric.
    Variable Type

    Specify if the variable is an input/output parameter or a local variable. For an input parameter, if you select the Variable Type as Input Required and Data Type as Text or Record, a context key is set automatically. See context key.
    Process input parameters and output parameters are the interface of a process. When starting a process, data is passed to the input parameters and when the process is complete, data is received from the output parameters. The only exception to this is Record data type.

    Process local variable facilitates process execution. It can be used to capture the result of a process activity such as signal input of a Receive Task or loop data item for a multi-instance loop.

    DescriptionProvide a description that clearly indicates the purpose of this variable.
    Data Type
    From the dropdown list, select the required data type for the variable. See Process variable data types.


    • If you select Record as the Data Type, you must select a Record definition that you want to associate with the parameter.
    • If you choose Selection as the Data Type, you must specify the options that are displayed in the selection list.
    • (Optional) If you select Object as the Data Type, you can select the Document definition that you want to associate with the parameter.
    Default ValueSpecify a value that you want to appear by default for the parameter.


    If you want to create a list of attachments or texts, select the List toggle key .

  4. (Optional) To add more parameters, repeat step 2 through step 3.
  5. Click Save.
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