This documentation supports the 21.02 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Toggling between application views and viewing notifications

The navigation bar consists of a switch that allows you to switch between multiple applications. It contains the list of applications in your environment (the list of application bundles deployed).

To enable switching between applications, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.
  2. Select the application.
  3. Navigate to Application Shell and Global Navigation, and click Edit.
  4. On the canvas, select the navigation bar and in the properties, select Allow switching between apps as shown in the following image:

  5. Click Save.

To verify the working of the application switcher, click Visit Deployed Application. For example, for the Task Manager application, the application switcher appears on the navigation bar as shown in the following image:

To track notifications

The notification option  is used to track notifications. Notifications can be text messages or HTML messages that are sent from an application user. The following images show sample notifications:

The annotations in the image are described in the following table:

1Notification count is the count of active notifications.
2View all is used to display all the notifications.
3Delete icon is used to delete the notification.

You can send notifications to an application users by using a process. For information on sending notifications, see Process Designer elements: User Message.

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