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Digital Service application architecture

Digital Service application architecture is based on the standard model which provides the following services:

  • Services that can be used from Java code
  • Services that can be called using a REST-style HTTP interface
  • Clients that consume these service through HTTP

The following image explains the architecture of an application:

The architecture of an application consists of the following elements:

Application bundles and library bundles

Libraries are the building blocks of an application. An application consists of a set of libraries that are defined in a bundle. A library is a collection of application components such as application services, record definitions, view components, field types, rules types, and so on. A smart bundle is a package used to deploy or install software to the BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio and framework services

BMC Helix Innovation Studio is a set of technologies that supports the enterprise applications. The available features of BMC Helix Innovation Studio are as follows:

  • Java based platform
  • Standard based interfaces, including HTTP/REST
  • Powerful built-in services and ability to create custom services
  • Configurable definition based objects
  • Built-in extensible types
  • Process orchestration engine
Custom services and REST APIsYou can define a custom action that can be used to define a process. The process service can be used via REST API to create and update process definitions.


Web-based designer (various designers available in BMC Helix Innovation Studio) allows you to define and customize the data and definitions required for the application.

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