This documentation supports the 21.02 version of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

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Automating processes

Using BMC Helix Innovation Studio automate the processes that you want to perform in a third-party system, such as Microsoft Azure, Jenkins, and Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation. Use the Process designer elements in BMC Helix Innovation Studio to connect with a third-party system and perform various actions in the system such as creating a virtual machine and storage account in Microsoft Azure, running a Jenkins job, and running Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots. For example, to automate the creation of a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, you can create a process by using the Create VM element in the Process designer.

Automating such actions by using the elements provides the following advantages:

  • Saves time and reduces user efforts.
  • Provides accuracy and error free execution.
  • Eliminates manual intervention in repetitive tasks.
  • Provides seamless integration with third-party systems.

The following table describes the Azure, Cloud Automation, and RPA Automation elements that you can use to automate processes:

Element CategoryElement TypeElement Name
AzureAzureCreate VM
Create Storage Account Service
Create Template
Cloud AutomationJenkinsRun Jenkins Job
Get Jenkins Job Build
Get Queue Item

RPA Automation

Automation AnywhereRun Automation Anywhere Bot

For information about BPMN elements and BMC extended elements, see Process designer elements.

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