WLM Service Classes for the BMC address spaces

When you are installing the JCL for BMC subsystems (BCSS)—MBOBCSS, BMCP, BMCBCSS, BMCCAS, MBOS, and MBOXJS—you must consider the WLM Service Classes at your location. The BCSS  address spaces should execute at a service class that will allow timely initialization and operation.

BMC recommends that these address spaces use the same WLM Service Class as other system tasks, monitors, and subsystems. BMC recommends using a service class level that is equivalent to the JES service class.


  • AR/CTL , compression, and expansion activities occur at the service class of the user, not at the service class of these BMC subsystem address spaces.
  • The default XJS initiator started task name (default MBOXJS) should be added to the SYS1.PARMLIB member IEAICS00 and assigned the same WLM Service Class as JES2.

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