ULTRAOPT system considerations

This topic presents a list of questions to consider before starting the ULTRAOPT product subsystem. This topic also provides a list of the transactions that are intercepted and describes the VTAM application start order.

Product subsystem considerations

Before starting the product subsystem, answer the following questions:

  • Does your system have enough ECSA allocated? Follow the procedures in Installing Open link , for estimating ECSA use and ensure that you perform an IPL on your system with enough ECSA specified in SYS1.PARMLIB(IEASYSxx). Ensure that you account for applications that open multiple ACBs, such as session managers.
  • Are you building Applied include and exclude tables?
    If you are starting ULTRAOPT for the first time (or if no include or exclude entries are stored in SOPOPT) and you want only to intercept specific Applids, use the NOINT startup parameter. NOINT ensures that nothing is being intercepted (instead of everything) while you build your include and exclude tables.
    To begin intercepting the specified applications, you can remove NOINT and recycle and restart ULTRAOPT.


    To intercept all eligible or included applications, you must completely remove the NOINT parameter. Changing the parameter to INT causes ULTRAOPT to print interception messages

  • If you are installing ULTRAOPT, have you reviewed the implementation tips in Implementation tips Open link , for additional information that will help you set up ULTRAOPT?


    By default, the ULTRPROC startup procedure uses the startup parameter NOINT. Using NOINT is part of the trial plans and test procedures that are described in ULTRAOPT Test Procedures Open link . When you are finished testing and are ready to intercept ACBs, remove the NOINT parameter.

Interception defaults

You might want to intercept all IMS/VS regions, CICS regions, TSO, and the following session managers:

  • InterSession
  • NetView Access
  • Teleview
  • TPX

ULTRAOPT/CICS can be customized to intercept all VTAM applications except IMS; by default (without the customization), it will intercept all CICS applications.

ULTRAOPT/IMS can be customized to intercept all VTAM applications except CICS; by default (without the customization), it will intercept all IMS applications.

If the options file that you created during installation is not open (for example, dynamic allocation failed), ULTRAOPT will, by default, intercept only the Applids that are appropriate for the ULTRAOPT towers that are authorized.

For ULTRAOPT to optimize all VTAM applications in your system, your console operators must start ULTRAOPT immediately after starting VTAM.

VTAM application start order

The following table lists the application start order for your operators:

1Start JES before any VTAM applications are started.
2Start VTAM.
3Vary active all VTAM applications (including the product major node—SOPAPPL).
4Start all VTAM applications that you are not going to intercept.
5Start the BMC Primary Subsystem and wait for it to finish initializing (approximately 6 seconds).
6Start the product subsystem and wait for it to finish initializing.
7Start VTAM applications that you are going to intercept.
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