Task summary for applying maintenance

You perform different tasks to apply product maintenance depending on how you obtained the maintenance and what type of maintenance you obtained.

The following table list the different tasks to perform based on possible scenarios.

Maintenance scenarios


How to complete the task


Checking for product fixes

Check notices for your product on the A-Z Supported Product List for new fixes or PTFs that BMC released after your installation media was prepared.

A-Z Supported Product List (http://www.bmc.com/available/supported-product-az-list.html)

Applying maintenance or fixes by using SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER

Perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare to use SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER.

  2. Create the RECEIVE ORDER job.

  3. Run the RECEIVE ORDER job.


Applying SMP/E maintenance (including quarterly RSL) or fixes from a BMC ISR service request

Perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare BMC ISR for use.

  2. Create and submit a service package request.

  3. Retrieve and process the service package.

  4. (optional) Remove JCL data sets that previous requests generated.

Preparing to use BMC ISR

Creating a service package request

Retrieving and processing a service package

Removing JCL data sets generated by previous requests

Applying product fixes by using eFix

Download and apply new fixes.

Using eFix

Applying SMP/E maintenance from an RSL image

Perform the following steps:

  1. Generate jobs to perform SMP/E maintenance.

  2. Run jobs to apply SMP/E maintenance.

Generating jobs to perform SMP/E maintenance from an image

Running jobs to apply SMP/E maintenance from an image

Deploying maintenance to runtime data sets

Perform the deployment maintenance tasks.

Deploying maintenance to BMC product runtime data sets

Performing maintenance for a system administration product for IMS

Perform the following steps:

  1. Back up option modules.

  2. Perform maintenance.

  3. Reassemble the options module.

Backing up and reassembling option modules for system administration products for IMS

Reassembling the options module for system administration products for IMS

Performing maintenance for any BMC product for IMS that does not use SMP/E for maintenance

Run the DBUCOPY utility.

Maintenance issue for BMC database products for IMS

Performing maintenance for a MAXM Online product when you do not want an IMS system outage

Update the products by using non-disruptive maintenance.

Non-disruptive maintenance for MAXM Reorg Online products

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