Sysplex environment requirements for Job Optimizer

Job Optimizer incorporates the BMC Software Cross-System Image Manager (XIM) technology. XIM enables Job Optimizer to distribute and manage job steps across one or more MVS systems.

XIM functions transparently within Job Optimizer. However, Job Optimizer requires the following items before it can distribute job steps across a sysplex environment:

  • Cross-System Coupling Facility (XCF)

  • Cross-System Extended Services (XES)

  • Sufficient system linkage indexes (LXs) for your MVS subsystems

    You can increase the number of available system LXs by increasing the NSYSLX value in the IEASYSxx member of PARMLIB and reissuing the initial program load or IPL procedure for your site.

    For more information about system LXs, see the IBM MVS Programming: Extended Addressability Guide.

  • Identical volume definitions (for DASD or tape units) across the sysplex

    A unit that is defined on one MVS image must be defined on all MVS images to avoid unpredictable results.


Make sure that the following data sets are APF authorized:

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