Starting the Installation System

On the ISPF TSO Commands panel, execute the following command:


The variable HLQ is the high-level qualifier that was assigned during the set up for the Installation System execution environment.

As it starts, the Installation System performs the following actions:

  • Connects to the Installation System repository

    If the repository is not found, you are prompted to activate it as explained in Preparing the Installation System repository.

  • Prompts you to read and accept the BMC Software End User License Agreement. Select Read the End User License Agreement, read the agreement, and accept or decline the agreement. You are prompted only the first time you start the Installation System. If you decline the agreement, the Installation System closes.

  • Displays the Installation System Main Menu:

     BMIPMENU     BMC Software Installation System V3.14.00 - Main Menu              
     Command ===> ________________________________________________________________  
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __  1. Resume Active Project                                                   
         2. Manage Projects                                                         
         3. Apply SMP/E Maintenance                                                 
         4. Maintain Product Passwords                                              
         5. Set Site Wide Default Values                                            
         6. Check for Installation System Update                                    
         7. Information on new features in this release                             
     Active Project: MARYTEST - testing for doc                                     
        JCL Library: ROHMKC.ROHMKC.V3120.JCL                                        
     CICS, DB2, IBM, IMS and MVS are trademarks or registered trademarks of         
     International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other        
     countries, or both.                                                            

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