Starting an installation

This section describes how to start the Installation System, how to define site-wide defaults, and how to create or select a project.

Before you begin

Review the following information before installing any products:

  • Ensure you are running the most current version of the Installation System.

    To determine the most current version number, see the most recent Installation System release notes on any product page from the A-Z Supported Product List on Support Central. To determine the version number of your current Installation System, see the title line on the Installation System Main Menu.

  • Check for and apply maintenance to the Installation System. For more information, see Updating the Installation System.

  • BMC recommends that you do not install BMC products in zones that contain products that were distributed or manufactured by other vendors. Naming conventions between vendors is not guaranteed, so library separation will avoid potential conflicts.

    For example, if you install BMC AMI Ops Automation in the same libraries as IBM products, name conflicts can occur with elements WTO and SUB.

  • If you install a BMC AMI Ops  product into a library that contains the BMC AMI Ops Automation  or BMC Impact Integration for z/OS product, the installation automatically upgrades the BMC AMI Ops Automation  and BMC Impact Integration for z/OS FMID BBOIMxx and ZMAOxxM. Therefore, you must always upgrade BMC AMI Ops Automation  and BMC Impact Integration for z/OS to the latest versions when installing BMC AMI Ops  products into the existing library.

  • BMC products have common components. When installing multiple BMC products into your SMP/E environment, you should install them into one set of target and distribution libraries. SMP/E can then control the relationships among the components. Future products (and enhancements to existing products) might also share components that were distributed previously.

Flow for starting an installation

The following figure depicts the flow for starting an installation. For more information, use the links in the table below the figure.

ItemMore information
Obtain the Installation SystemObtaining the Installation System
Start the Installation SystemStarting the Installation System
Prepare the installation repositoryPreparing the Installation System repository
Define site-wide installation valuesDefining or modifying site-wide default values
Create or select a projectCreating and selecting a project
Generate the installation jobsGenerating installation jobs

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