Specifying product configuration information

Complete the following steps to specify configuration information for the products you are installing:

  1. On the Configure Products or Components panel, specify product configuration information for the options labeled (incomplete) on the right side of the panel:
     BMIPCF30          USER1 - Configure Products or Components                   
     Command ===> _______________________________________________________________________
     Action availability is based on previously selected (or included) Products or  
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __   1. Configure BMC Infrastructure                        (incomplete)       
          2. Configure DB2 products                              (not required)     
          3. Configure IMS products                              (not required)     
          4. Configure System Management products                (incomplete)       
          5. Configure Mainframe Cost Optimization products      (not required)     
          6. Configure products common to multiple product lines (not required)     
          7. Apply Product Passwords                             (optional)         
          8. Proceed to JCL Generation


    Only the options needed for the products you are configuring are available for selection.

    Not all products require configuration. If the products you are installing do not require configuration, a message is displayed.

    The BMC AMI Application Restart Control products do not use the Installation System for configuration. Instead, use the AR/CTL Install System (AESIS) as described in  BMC AMI System Administration for IMS Open link .

    1. Select an option that is labeled (incomplete) and press Enter.
    2. Complete the corresponding panels that are displayed, until you return to the Configure Products or Components panel.
      For more information, see:
    3. Continue selecting incomplete options until all required options are labeled (complete).
  2. (Optional) Select Apply Product Passwords, press Enter, and provide the requested password information.

    If you are reinstalling a product for which you have already provided a password, you do not need to provide the password again.

    Best Practice

    We recommend providing passwords during configuration if you are installing a product for the first time. You can, however, provide passwords at any time by selecting Maintain Product Passwords on the Installation System Main Menu.

    For more information, see Applying passwords during configuration.

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