Specifying JCL values for generated configuration jobs

Complete the following procedure to specify JCL information that the Installation System will use when generating the configuration jobs:

  1. On the Configure Products or Components panel, select Proceed to JCL Generation and press Enter.

     BMIPCF30          USER1 - Configure Products or Components                   
     Command ===> _______________________________________________________________________
     Action availability is based on previously selected (or included) Products or  
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __   1. Configure BMC Infrastructure                        (complete)       
          2. Configure Db2 products                              (not required)     
          3. Configure IMS products                              (not required)     
          4. Configure System Management products                (complete)       
          5. Configure Mainframe Cost Optimization products      (not required)     
          6. Configure products common to multiple product lines (not required)     
          7. Apply Product Passwords                             (not applicable)         
          8. Proceed to JCL Generation
  2. On the Generated Job Values panel, in the Job Card Template fields, specify a valid job card statement.

    The Installation System uses this information to create the job card in the generated JCL.

     BMIPCF40               USER1 - Generated Job Values                          
     Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR  
     Enter the Generated Job Values for the configuration jobs.                     
     Job Card Template                                                              
       //<jobid>  JOB (9999),INSTALL-&SYSUID,                                       
       //             CLASS=A,MSGCLASS=X,                                           
       //             NOTIFY=&SYSUID                                                
     Job Name Options                                                               
       Match generated member names . . . . . Y (Y=Yes, N=No) (Both options cannot
       Suffixed with member name number . . . N (Y=Yes, N=No)  contain 'Y')
  3. In the Job Name Options fields, specify how you want the generated job cards named.

    The Match generated member names and Suffixed with member name number fields are mutually exclusive. Specify:

    • Y for Match generated member names to have the job card name match the generated member name.

      For example, if the member is $205ALOC, the job card name becomes //$205ALOC.

    • Y for Suffixed with member name number to have the job card name suffixed with the numeric ID of the member.

      For example, if the member is $205ALOC and the job card is //BMCIVPJB, the ID is 205 and the job card name becomes //BMCIV205.

    • Specifying N for both fields to use what you specified in Job Card Template.

  4. Press Enter.

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