Specifying CPC Advisor information

Use the Configuration Parameters panel for the IMS_UTILITIES_ADVISOR category to specify CPC information for applicable products.

The Installation System displays this panel if it is applicable for the product you are configuring. For general usage information about the Configuration Parameters panels, see Configuring BMC AMI Data for IMS products.


Installing one of the Fast Path suites includes support for the DBA Toolkit feature in BMC AMI Database Advisor for IMS.

Configuration Parameters panel for IMS_UTILITIES_ADVISOR category

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                          Configuration Parameters
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ADVISOR Information:

BCSS/CPC Started Task Name      CPCZ
ADV Repositories Prefix         _______________________
ADV Repository Volumes: (NON SMS)
                               VOL_1  VOL_2  VOL_3  VOL_4  VOL_5  VOL_6

Volumes                        ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

SMS Information:
Storage Class                   ________
Management Class                ________
Data Class                      ________

To specify CPC information

  1. In the BCSS/CPC Started Task Name field, specify a valid started task name for the BCSS/CPC subsystem.

    The BCSS/CPC server runs as a started task and must have authority to create and alter data sets and issue operator commands. The started task name cannot exceed four characters.

  2. In the BMCP/BCSS/CPC Options Lib field, specify a data set that already exists or will be allocated during the installation.

    The specified data set will hold members that the Installation System created and that apply to configuring a CPC environment. The $830DOP2 job assembles and links the CPCCOPT module into this specified data set.


    To ensure that your UIM/CPC environment works correctly, you must manually add the CPCCOPT module to your UIM concatenation or copy the module into a library within the UIM //STEPLIB concatenation.

  3. In the ADV Repositories Prefix field, specify the prefix to use to allocate the Advisor repositories.
  4. Provide the appropriate information for storing your Advisor repository data sets:
    • If you do not plan to use the Storage Management Subsystem (SMS) to store the Advisor repository data sets, specify the candidate volumes for the Advisor repositories in the VOL_n fields.

    • If you plan to use SMS to store the Advisor repository data sets, specify the storage class, management class, and data class in the Storage Class, Management Class, and Data Class fields.


      With previous installation methods, the CPCCOPT module was saved into the product load library during configuration, for example, DBULIB. Ensure that the CPCCOPT module that was created by running the $830DOP2 job during installation has been copied to a load library within your //STEPLIB DD concatenation in your CPCx and CPCxADV started task servers.

      CPCxADV and CPCx are the Advisor and BCSS server task names that are created during configuration and can be found in the UIM parameter library.

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