SMS considerations for DATA ACCELERATOR Compression

Beginning with version 1.4.00 of DATA ACCELERATOR Compression (DAC), the product supports compressing SMS-managed data sets. To compress a data set by using the SMS component on DAC, your site must meet the following criteria:
  • Your system must be running DF/SMS 1.2 or later on MVS/SP 4.3 or later.

  • The SMS component of DAC must be enabled.

  • DF/SMS Dataclasses that support compression and a compression technique must be assigned to DAC.
    An SMS Dataclass can support compression if it has been defined with DSNTYPE=EXT and COMPACTION=Y.

  • Data sets requiring compression must be assigned to these Dataclasses by a system ACS routine, or explicitly in a job’s JCL.

Before compressing SMS data sets with DAC, make a list of the SMS Dataclasses that you intend to use and the compression techniques they support.


No REGISET entries are required for DATA ACCELERATOR Compression/SMS compression.

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