Preparing the Installation System repository

The Installation System repository stores information about:

  • Installation projects
  • Site-wide default values

The Runtime Component System  ( RTCS ) hosts the Installation System repository. RTCS  must be active (that is, the RTCS  started task is running) on the system on which you run the Installation System. All systems configured to use this RTCS  share an Installation System repository.

For more information, view the Quick Course Installation System - Installation System Repository.

For a list of Quick Courses about the Installation System, see PDFs and videos.

When you start the Installation System, if RTCS :

  • Is active on your system, it will be used for the Installation System repository and no additional actions are required to prepare the repository.
  • Is not installed or active on your systems, the Runtime Component System Not Active panel is displayed:
     BMIPRTCS              Runtime Component System Not Active                      
     Command ===> _______________________________________________________________________
     The Runtime Component System (RTCS) is not active on this system. The BMC      
     Software Installation System requires that RTCS be active. The data entered    
     while installing products is stored in a repository hosted by RTCS. If RTCS is 
     not installed you can choose to run a bootstrap version.                       
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __  1. RTCS was installed and has now been started                             
         2. Setup a bootstrap version of RTCS                                       
         3. Exit the installation system                                            
     Regardless of the action selected, the Installation System will terminate and  
     after RTCS is active, you will be able to access the Installation System.

    In this case, use one of the following procedures to prepare the Installation System repository:

For information about managing a bootstrap RTCS , see Managing the bootstrap RTCS.

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