Modifying INCLUDE members

Your JCL library contains a number of INCLUDE members that define variables for the items most commonly changed for deployment. The variables are defined by the information you specified on the configuration panels.

Modify the following INCLUDE members as needed:

Member name



Variables that are used for all products:

  • Runtime high-level qualifier
  • Non-VSAM user library high-level qualifier
  • VSAM high-level qualifier
  • System data set names (ISPF MLIB and PROC LIB)
  • Existing product password data sets (if requested by the dialogs)


Variables that are used for the BMC products for Db2:

  • Subsystem name, DSNEXIT, DSNLOAD, and default storage group
  • Data-sharing group definition
  • DOPTs carryover
  • Product table migration variables
  • Administration product-specific variables
  • Product-specific variables


Variables that are used for the BMC products for IMS:

  • IMS system variables
  • z/OS system variables needed for IMS installation
  • Product-specific variables


Product-specific variables used by the BMC AMI Ops products.


Variables that are used for the following BMC infrastructure components:

  • System and SQL Performance products (DOM)
  • Next Generation Logger ( NGL )
  • BMC Execution Component for z/OS ( DBC )
  • Runtime Component System ( RTCS )


This INCLUDE member can be used to override any of the settings in the other $$INCxxx members.

The advantage of using this member instead of modifying the other $$INCxxx members is that the $$INCUSR member is not replaced when you regenerate JCL.


This member is the JOBLIB statement that is used by all of the $2nn through $9nn jobs. In most cases, the $2nn through $9nn jobs will not have a STEPLIB defined for job steps, but will instead use the load libraries defined in the $$JOBLIB member.

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