Maintaining your products

BMC delivers SMP/E-based product maintenance that is:

  • Provided on Recommended Service Level (RSL) files

    RSL files contain program temporary fixes (PTFs) and HOLDDATA. The PTFs have been certified by BMC against the IBM Recommended Service Update (RSU).

    You can obtain RSL maintenance at any time by using:

    • (quarterly RSL) BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR) or RECEIVE ORDER
    • (cumulative RSL) BMC Electronic Software Distribution File Transfer Protocol (BMC ESD FTP) site or from physical media

  • Installed during a product installation or after an installation as needed

  • Current as of the date of your installation or maintenance media

    However, new fixes might have been released since then. After you apply SMP/E-based maintenance, BMC recommends checking the BMC Support Central site (for example, the Knowledge Database) for more recent fixes. Some fixes are announced in technical bulletins or flashes.

  • Obtained at any time by using:

    • (Recommended method) RECEIVE ORDER
    • BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR)
    • BMC ESD FTP site
    • Requested physical media


    If you order maintenance on physical media, you will receive the Maintenance Media DVD (which contains the RSL images only) and the Product Installation Media DVD (which contains the Installation System images and product images).

Product fixes are:

  • Provided on an up-to-the-minute basis
  • Installed after a product installation
  • Provided through:
    • RECEIVE ORDER (the recommended method)
    • BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR)
    • eFix PTF Distribution Services (eFix)

Use the following information to maintain your installed products:

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