Installation projects

The Installation System uses projects to organize separate installations of one or more products. Each project:

  • Accumulates the information needed to generate the JCL to install and configure a product
  • Installs and configures any combination of products, solutions, families, and components at the same time

For more information, view the Quick Course Installation System - Installation Projects.

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For a list of Quick Courses about the Installation System, see PDFs and videos

Advantages of projects

Using projects offers these advantages:

  • You can exit the installation at any time and resume at your convenience. To resume, go to the Execute Project panel and select the option corresponding to where you stopped.

  • Multiple people can use the same project—although only one person can access the project at a time.

  • You can copy projects and JCL data sets to aid in subsequent installations.

  • Projects are stored in the Installation System repository (discussed in Preparing the Installation System repository) and remain there unless manually deleted.


    For security, a project's associated FTP and firewall user IDs and passwords are not stored in the Installation System repository.

    Best practice

    We recommend retaining your projects. They contain the variables, values, and defaults that you used in the original installation.

Active project

The active project is indicated in the following ways:

  • In the Active Project field on the Installation System Main Menu
  • By an asterisk next to the project name on the Manage Projects panel

Autosave of projects

Projects are automatically saved at the following points:

  • When you make a change to the project and exit the project.
  • Before generating the installation JCL.
  • Before generating the configuration JCL.
  • After selecting a configuration option on the Configure Products or Components panel but not making any changes to the project and exiting the project.
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  1. Patricia Solomon

    Very good video, "Quick Course Installation System - Installation Projects."

    Mar 09, 2023 01:39
  2. Russell Blair

    Will BMC start using IBM's z/OS Management Facility(ZOSMF) in the future for BMC AMI OPSa Installations or will you continue using the BMC Installations System?

    Aug 31, 2023 03:27
  3. Jyoti Birajdar

    Hi, Russell.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment! 

    BMC has a strategic plan to use IBM z/OSMF, but no timeline that we can share. You can submit, vote on, and comment on product ideas in BMC Community. To see BMC Mainframe community ideas, click the following link:



    Sep 11, 2023 10:21