Generating the configuration JCL

Use the following procedure to generate the JCL that you will run to configure the products. The installation jobs do not have to be run before generating the configuration JCL.

  1. On the Configuration JCL Generation Options panel, select Generate JCL and press Enter.
     BMIP080             Configuration JCL Generation Options                       
     Command ===> _______________________________________________________________________
     Select an option.  Press Enter to continue or F12 to go back.                  
      S Generate JCL into USER1.INSTALL.JCLLIB                           
      _ Skip generation process and display next panel                              
        Member   Status     Function                                                
        $200ALOC            Dataset Allocation Description                          
        $205RTEC            Create Runtime Libraries                                
        $206RTEC            Update Runtime Libraries                                
        $225ALOC            Allocate Additional Datasets                            
        $300SPLX            SYSPLEX Allocation Description                          
        $310VZMC            Process RTCS VSAM Data Sets                             
        $325ESEC            Grant External Security Access                          
        $400LPAR            LPAR Activity Documentation                             
        $450STRT            Build Start-up Task                                     
        $500COMN            Common Configuration Documentation
  2. When the Configuration JCL Execution Review panel is displayed, review the information and press Enter.
     BMIP091             Configuration JCL Execution Review                         
     Command ===> __________________________________________________________________
     Several jobs were generated into the following library:                        
     Review and submit jobs whose names start with $2 through $9 in the sequence    
     implied by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th characters of the member name.  Base on your   
     particular install, you may not have jobs with all of the numbers from $2      
     through $9.  Do not skip any of the jobs because they are generally            
     dependent on jobs earlier in the sequence.  The jobs should complete without   
     abends or return codes greater than 4 unless otherwise documented in the job.  
     The exceptions are the #D9 jobs. They are also located in your JCL             
     library.  If generated, these jobs should only be submitted when               
     you want to remove the installed product(s) libraries and                      
     structures from your environment.                                              
     If any configuration steps remain, a $CJCKLST member is created containing     
     documentation which describes these remaining steps.                           
     Press Enter to display an Edit member list of the $# generated jobs.
  3. Review the generated list of jobs.
       Menu  Functions  Utilities  Help                                             
     BMIPJEDT ST  USER1.INSTALL.JCLLIB                           Row 00001 of 00023 
     Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR  
        Name     Prompt          Size    Created           Changed            ID    
     . $$$READ                                                                      
     . $$INCDB2                    11   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:52    USER1  
     . $$INCGEN                    34   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:47    USER1  
     . $$INCIMS                     6   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:52    USER1  
     . $$INCMV                      8   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:53    USER1  
     . $$INCUSR                     3   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:23:37    USER1 
     . $$JCLCPY                    36   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:46    USER1  
     . $$JOBLIB                     6   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:55    USER1  
     . $CJCKLST                                                                     
     . $200ALOC                    19   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:20    USER1  
     . $205RTEC                   279   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:57    USER1  
     . $206RTEC                  1287   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:57    USER1  
     . $225ALOC                    86   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:57    USER1  
     . $300SPLX                    19   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:26    USER1  
     . $310VZMC                   120   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:57    USER1  
     . $325ESEC                    17   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:27    USER1  
     . $400LPAR                    30   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:27    USER1  
     . $450STRT                    37   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:27    USER1  
     . $500COMN                    30   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:27    USER1  
     . $545COPY                   179   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:57    USER1  
     . $910CNFG                    58   2014/12/17   2014/12/17 10:04:58    USER1  

    This list shows a subset of the generated jobs. The full list of generated jobs is in your JCL library, and includes additional jobs that you might want to use to perform optional tasks. Not all projects generate the same set of jobs. The jobs generated depend on the products and solutions you are installing and configuring.

    You can run the jobs now or later (see Running the generated jobs).

    Best Practice

    IBM does not recommend secondary extents for load libraries in LINKLIST. After running the generated configuration jobs, the runtime load libraries might have secondary allocations. If you plan to add the load library to your LINKLIST, we recommend manually reallocating the load libraries so that all space is provided in the primary allocation and the secondary allocation is set to 0. This will avoid errors of modules not being found when the library is updated.

  4. Press F3 to exit the list and return to the Execute Project panel.

Where to go from here

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