Generating configuration jobs

During the configuration process, the Installation System creates a runtime environment from which you run your products. Runtime data sets contain information copied from one or more of the SMP/E target libraries. The Installation System uses your specifications to generate configuration jobs for the products that you are installing. The names of the configuration jobs begin with $2nn through $9nn.


The Installation System displays panels that are applicable to the product being installed.

  • Starting with version 4.07 of the Installation System, we have removed the following products from the Configure System Management Products panel

    • BMC AMI Ops Automation, which includes the following product options:
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation for CICS
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation for IMS
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation for MQ
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation for z/OS , which is required to use:
        • Total Object Manager
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation Access NV
      • BMC AMI Ops Automation TapeSHARE
    • BMC AMI Ops Automation for Capping  
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CMF
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for IMS
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for IP
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java Environments
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for MQ
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for UNIX Systems Services (USS)
    • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for z/OS
    • BMC AMI Storage, which includes the following products:
      • BMC AMI Storage Allocation
      • BMC AMI Storage Automation
      • BMC AMI Storage Reporting
    • BMC Discovery for z/OS

    To configure and customize the listed products, you must use EZCONFIG. For more details, see Customizing BMC AMI Ops product via EZCONFIG Open link . Use this approach only for the listed products. For other products, the Installation System continues to manage product configuration activities.

  • For BMC AMI Data for IMS products
    The following BMC products for IMS do not have configuration tasks associated with them. These products do have required customization tasks. Customization refers to tasks that you perform outside of the Installation System to complete product implementation. For information about those tasks, see BMC AMI System Administration for IMS Open link .
    • BMC AMI Application Restart Control for Db2 BMC AMI Application Restart Control for IMS , and  BMC AMI Application Restart Control for VSAM (Instead, use the AR/CTL Install System (AESIS) as described in Customizing after installation Open link .)
    • BMC AMI Log Analyzer for IMS
    • BMC AMI Partitioned Database Facility for IMS (Instead, see the installation information in the AR/CTL  release notes.)
    • BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS TM
    • BMC AMI Change Manager Virtual Terminal for IMS
    • BMC AMI Extended Terminal Assist for IMS
    • BMC AMI Message Advisor for IMS

The following figure depicts the configuration process. For more information, use the links in the table below the figure.

ItemMore information
Generate the installation jobsGenerating installation jobs
Specify information for runtime data setsSpecifying runtime data set information
Specify configuration informationSpecifying product configuration information
Specify JCL for configuration jobsSpecifying JCL values for generated configuration jobs
Generate configuration jobsGenerating the configuration JCL
Run the generated jobsRunning the generated jobs

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