File server and certificate information

This topic contains information about the the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) file servers, ports, and various certificates. 

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  1. Eccox Support

    Friends, what the best way for the customers to send DUMPs to BMC support direct from own mainframes?

    Jun 23, 2020 04:01
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Thank you for your question! We have forwarded it to our technical team.

      Jun 24, 2020 12:15
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Go to  and scroll down to the Sending Information to BMC Support section. You must be logged in as a BMC customer to open this webpage.

      If you still can't find the information that you are looking for on that page, we recommend that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket.

      Jun 24, 2020 09:05
  2. Neil Colina

    Where can I download em_handle_duplic_folders?

    Aug 26, 2020 08:02
    1. Yechezkel Schatz

      Hi Neil,

      The em_handle_duplic_folders utility is briefly described in the following page in the Control-M documentation: That page refers to a Knowledge Base article 000370863, where you can find information on how to obtain the utility.

      I hope this helps. Regards,


      Aug 27, 2020 09:03
  3. Roger Barta

    We have a current certificate that expires in April 2021.. I downloaded the X509 cert. That one expires in May 2021.. Do you have anything else? thanks

    Feb 25, 2021 08:50
    1. Mary Cameron

      Hi, Roger. We advise that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket on this issue.

      Feb 25, 2021 09:46
  4. Illy Dadabhoy

    This page is useful in that it mentions that an EV SSL certificate is required in your keyring for FTPS when using Unfortunately there's no mention as to how to implement this certificate. Can you please add some documentation / instructions as to what to with zip file once downloaded? Thank you.

    Oct 18, 2021 04:14
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Illy. Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to the writer who is responsible for this content.

      Oct 19, 2021 12:37
      1. Mohammed Esbaa

        Hello, I am running to the same issue Illy described above, could you please send me instructions as to what to do with the zip file(s) once downloaded? I am going to install these EV SSL in RACF env. Thank you!

        Sep 14, 2022 12:15
        1. Dov Kaiser

          Hi, Mohammed.

          For information about how RACF handles digital certificates, see IBM's z/OS Security Server RACF Security Administrator's Guide. We recommend that you consult someone in your organization who is responsible for digital certificates.

          Sep 21, 2022 02:51
  5. Benoit Ebner


    in his page, onyl the FTP port is noted to open for epddownload. But, in my SMPE donwload, I have this:

    httpGet fileUrl="" localFile="/nr b/smp/1002250/GIMPAF.XML" fileUser="CPW1635489295909" filePw="****************" retryCnt="10" retryInt="60"

    Starting download from URL: to l ocal file: /nrb/smp/1002250/GIMPAF.XML
    Connection failed.

    Maybe there is a problem in the doc :)

    Wich port do we need to open on the epddownload site?

    Nov 09, 2021 03:33
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Benoit. I have forwarded your questions to the writer who is responsible for this content.

      Nov 09, 2021 03:46
      1. Dov Kaiser

        Hi, Benoit. Thank you again for your feedback. We advise that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket on this issue.

        Nov 10, 2021 12:45
  6. Michaela Steger

    Wollte mir das neueste RSL2207 runterladen , gebe neues Passwort mit (neu ab 01.07. s.o.) und bekomme als Antwort Passwort falsch !! EZA1701I >>> USER mainframe
    331 User name okay, need password for mainframe.
    EZA1701I >>> PASS
    530 Authentication failed.
    EZA1735I Std Return Code = 26530, Error Code = 00011
    EZA1701I >>> QUIT
    was mache ich falsch??

    Jul 18, 2022 05:38
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Michaela. 

      Thank you again for your question. We advise that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket on this issue.

      Jul 20, 2022 01:11
  7. Dov Kaiser

    Hi, Michaela. Thank you for your question. I have forwarded it to the writer who is responsible for this content.

    mit freundlichen grüßen!


    Jul 18, 2022 06:40