File server and certificate information

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  1. Paul Triozzi

    Hello, Sorry to bother. Maybe you can help. We have submitted ISR request B7CE006ABD7A6C58. Can you advise as to status of this ISR request? Thank you,

    Apr 21, 2020 01:19
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Paul. Thank you for your question. Your request was successfully completed at 10:05 PT yesterday (4/21/20) and is available for retrieval. A total of 652 PTFs were in the distribution. An email announcing the successful completion was issued at 10:09 PT.

      Apr 22, 2020 05:45
  2. Paul Triozzi

    Thank you so much, Dov. We have begun this order's retrieval process. Working through space issues on our end. Although, we never did receive the email. (We have regularly in the past. Hmmm?) Also, we will be reviewing the new SMP/E Receive Order process for future maintenance deployments. Thank you again, Dov. Take care. Paul T.

    Apr 22, 2020 11:19
  3. Tim Simon

    I too have and reported the no re-turn email. It is my understanding there are more than one group involved.. The email is created and set to an other group. I have not received an email for about one year. I have created cases with them and the answer back is we sent it. Our internal security team never received the email.

    Jun 15, 2020 06:16
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Tim. Thank you for your input. We have forwarded it to the team responsible for this product.

      Jun 15, 2020 06:23
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Hi, Tim. We advise that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket on this issue.

      Jun 18, 2020 06:24
  4. Eccox Support

    Friends, what the best way for the customers to send DUMPs to BMC support direct from own mainframes?

    Jun 23, 2020 04:01
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Thank you for your question! We have forwarded it to our technical team.

      Jun 24, 2020 12:15
    1. Dov Kaiser

      Go to  and scroll down to the Sending Information to BMC Support section. You must be logged in as a BMC customer to open this webpage.

      If you still can't find the information that you are looking for on that page, we recommend that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket.

      Jun 24, 2020 09:05
  5. Donn Mensing

    I am trying to run the ISR job to send to BMC and I am getting this error in the FTP step: EZA1935I Std Return Code = 10000, Error Code = 00008, I am trying to connect to f port: 21

    Jun 24, 2020 02:36
    1. Mary Cameron

      Hi, Donn. We advise that you contact Customer Support to log a formal ticket on this issue.

      Jun 24, 2020 02:48
  6. Neil Colina

    Where can I download em_handle_duplic_folders?

    Aug 26, 2020 08:02
    1. Yechezkel Schatz

      Hi Neil,

      The em_handle_duplic_folders utility is briefly described in the following page in the Control-M documentation: That page refers to a Knowledge Base article 000370863, where you can find information on how to obtain the utility.

      I hope this helps. Regards,


      Aug 27, 2020 09:03