Deploying products to other subsystems, LPARs, and sysplexes

The Installation System does not directly deploy products to other environments; it does, however, create deployment-ready JCL which makes it easy to deploy installations to additional subsystems, LPARs, and sysplexes.

The generated installation and configuration JCL contains INCLUDE members that you modify to deploy products to another environment. You do not need to go through the user interface or set configuration options again.

Best Practice

We strongly recommend creating a new JCL data set for deployment. Doing so ensures that you have the full set of JCL used to perform the configuration of the BMC products for the subsystem, LPAR, or sysplex in question.

The following figure depicts the flow for deploying products. For more information, use the links in the table below the figure.

ItemMore information
Run the generated jobsRunning the generated jobs

Create a copy of the JCL library

Copying your JCL library
Modify INCLUDE membersModifying INCLUDE members
Run the deployment jobsRunning the deployment jobs
Maintain productsMaintaining


For more information, see Product deployment for infrastructure components Open link .

For more information, view the Quick Course BMC Installation System - Product Deployment.

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For a list of Quick Courses about the Installation System, see PDFs and videos.

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