Deploying maintenance to BMC product runtime data sets

After deploying products, you might need to apply maintenance to keep your products current.

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Use the following procedure to apply maintenance:
  1. Create a backup of the BMC SMP/E environment and BMC product runtime data sets.


    We recommend reviewing instructions in HOLDDATA before applying maintenance. HOLDDATA includes information such as schema changes, binds, and started tasks that must be restarted.

  2. Apply BMC maintenance.

  3. (non-shared DASD only) Transfer the BMC SMP/E target data sets to the system on which the runtime data sets reside.

    Best Practices

    • To ensure data consistency and to maintain PDS member alias relationships, we recommend copying complete SMP/E target data sets rather than individual members.
    • For a product that does not implement continuous system operation, we recommend shutting down the product while copying the maintenance to the runtime data sets. After you have copied the target data sets, restart the product to activate the maintenance.
  4. Copy the SMP/E target data sets to the BMC product runtime data sets.
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